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  • Happy New Year 2016
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  • Vision  Mission
  • Core Values

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  • Nozzle Shaft
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  • First Component Hard Coating
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  • Employees near the Vertical Turing Lathe
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  • E-initiatives

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  • BHSL
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  • Runner and Blower Fan
  • The Heads and Leads sign PLIS targets 2016 with the management
  • BHSL dispatches its first reclaimed runner (BHP) with high quality test results. Assuring Customer Admiration.
  • BHSL's 8 Core Values - Assuring Customer Admiration
  • Bird's Eye View of BHSL - Corporate Head Office & Hydropower Service Center at Jigmeling, Sarpang (Bhutan)
  • BHSL reclaims a Nozzle Shaft (Servomotor Shaft) from Basochhu Hydropower Plant (BHP). In picture: Machining of the Shaft on CNC Horizontal Lathe.
  • Hydropower Service Center (HSC) based on Hydro Manufacturing Concept (HMC)- Operating on LEAN.
  • High precision machining of components using CNC machine tools (Boring machine).
  • BHSL team completes hard coating (HVOF) of a THP Pelton Runner. (Picture: FAT in progress)
  • State-of-art Hydropower Service Center: Vertical Turing Lathe (VTL) for precision machining of components.
  • Thermal Spray High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) hard coating using of a hydro runner (Pelton wheel from THP), to enhance its life by 2-3 times. Unlike in many setup which are semi-manual, BHSL engages a fully automatic robot arm for the hard coating operation.
  • Corporate Head Office, and Hydropower Service Center (Background)
  • BHSL has capabilities to service Hydro Runners and Industrial Fans (Seen in picture) besides other Components with highest quality standards.

CEO's Desk

Our New Year resolution is to further strengthen on QUALITY SERVICES. At our one stop Hydropower Service Center, we have well qualified people and hi-tech machines to examine and revive your old and worn-out but precious machine components. 



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At BHSL, one of our Core Values is being "green-centric in our spirits and actions". As we are mindful of our footprints, we have through our E-initiatives Program (EiP) taken up several initiatives to play a lead role in protecting and enhancing our environment. We have build a Company, where employee's health, safety, and environmental care are given topmost priority.

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     Assuring Customer Admiration

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Employee Recognition

Tulsi Gurung 

Mrs. Tulasi Gurung, Cleaner is the best employee award scheme (BEAS) recipient  for the month of April 2016, based on her exemplary performance, dedication and hard work. Congratulations to Mrs. Tulasi Gurung.

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